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Terms & Conditions

1. Participating in the Bosch eXtra implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

2. Public and government bodies including fleet owners are excluded from the purview of this incentive program.

3. The choice of the customer enrolling in the program and the benefits of the offer are at the sole discretion of Robert Bosch Morocco SARL. No further inquiries would be entertained.

4. Membership is offered only in the name of the owner of the trade license under which the company is registered. Membership will not be given to any individual names and multiple memberships are not allowed.

5. Members redeeming points should allow for 3 to 4 weeks to receive the gift.

6. In case of the non-availability of a particular gift, Robert Bosch Morocco SARL and its authorized local dealer reserves the right to offer a similar choice of an equivalent value.

7. Any guarantee or warranty of the gifts mentioned in the program is the sole responsibility of the respective manufacturers only.

8. Robert Bosch Morocco SARL and its authorized local agent in your country will not be responsible or liable for any consequential loss or damage or any injury that a member may suffer as a result of participation in the program / using the gift.

9. Pictures are representation only.

10. The gift shall be subject to country specific tax, gift tax or any other statutory levies as may be applicable and the receiver of the gift shall be responsible to pay such taxes. If in any case the receiver fails to comply with the applicable law, Robert Bosch Morocco SARL and its local agent will be entitled to withdraw the gift.

11. The term Bosch eXtra, mentioned herein is a loyalty program owned and managed by Robert Bosch GmbH and its subsidiary company Robert Bosch Morocco SARL.

12. Every participant, on filling the form agrees that the information given by him / her can be entered into a database and put to use by Robert Bosch Morocco SARL.

13. Robert Bosch Morocco SARL reserves the right to withdraw and / or alter any of the terms and conditions of this program, at any time, without prior notice.

14. The decision of Robert Bosch Morocco SARL with respect to all matters connected with this offer will be final, binding and non-contestable.